Rebecca Gambler

(Photo by Glenn Fawcett)As part of CBP’s one-to-one biometric facial recognition testing on inbound, international flights, a traveler has his photo taken and compared against his passport photo to confirm his identity at Dulles Airport. Photo by Glenn Fawcett

Customs and Border Protection expands use of facial recognition

As of July, facial recognition technology is scanning departing travelers in 32 airports and all arriving air travelers.

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Rebecca Gambler: Asylum backlog stands at more than 100,000

Backlogs seem to be the bane of the government’s existence. Now a new backlog has emerged; applications for asylum in the United States. Applications have…

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Rebecca Gambler, Homeland Security & Justice Issues Director, GAO

The drone fleet at Customs and Border Protection isn’t big, but the law states that very strict oversight from the Homeland Security Department and CBP…

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Federal Drive Show Blog – August 6, 2013

On the Federal Drive show blog, you can listen to our interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day, as well as links to other stories and resources we discuss.

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