Republican Study Committee

  • Job insecurity, higher health premiums on tap?

    Some politicians think the at-will hiring system is so good and works so well they want to extend it to federal civil servants in the executive branch.

  • House conservatives revive efforts to cut federal pay raises, create an ‘at will’ workforce

    The 150-member Republican Study Committee has listed its budget priorities for 2019, calling for eliminating all automatic pay raises for federal workers, and increasing their contributions to their own retirement. The conservative group’s also wants to make it easier for federal employees to be fired.

  • What federal pay and benefits proposals are in play for 2018

    The Republican Study Committee released its own take on the fiscal 2018 budget, which includes several cuts to federal pay, retirement and health benefits. Here’s how the committee’s budget proposal measures up to other recommendations from the Trump administration and other House lawmakers.

  • Alternative GOP budget proposal ‘dead on arrival,’ shutdown worries continue

    Reps. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and Nita Lowey (D-NY) said there have been few bipartisan negotiations so far, and a new budget proposal from the Republican Study Committee has them particularly worried. Congress has until Sept. 30 to pass some sort of budget resolution that would keep the government open past the end of the month.

  • Comparing 2013 budget proposals

    Issues related to federal employees and their pay and benefits have played a starring role in the competing budget proposals introduced by the White House and lawmakers alike. Find highlights from how the proposed budgets would affect federal employees as well as how they’ve fared so far in Congress

  • GOP caucus budget cuts feds’ retirement, health benefits

    The Republican Study Committee, a caucus of House conservatives, laid out a budget blueprint that increases federal employees’ pension contributions and incentivize feds to enroll in lower-priced health plans.

  • Five-year pay freeze, more federal job cuts proposed

    The Republican Study Committee introduced the Spending Reduction Act that would eliminate USAID and three other small agencies. It also would take spending back to 2006 levels in fiscal 2012. The legislation also would cut or reduce spending in 100 programs such as agency travel budgets and require the collection of unpaid taxes from federal employees.