Are you ever going back to the office?

Agencies practically went from zero to 100 on telework this spring. So what’s next for the future of remote work?

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Defense-contract-heavy SAIC says it has $100 million in unpaid bills due to shutdown

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NASA loosens leash on potential cybersecurity breakthrough

The space agency plans to evaluate and get feedback on Ames Research Center’s Gryphon X proposal to take a more proactive approach to finding and fixing…

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Leveraging Hybrid Cloud Architectures to Deliver Federal IT

In the highly regulated world of federal IT, sometimes it seems as if every question is a yes-no, an either-or. Build or buy?

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NASA, Energy, Commerce rearrange seats in CIO’s office

The federal technology community is seeing a lot of key senior executives switch roles or leave government, including new officials in charge of data analytics at GSA and EPA.

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