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  • Six Ways to Beat the Bear Market with Your TSP

    May was a terrible month for most TSP investors as the Dow had its worst month in 70 years. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has six suggestions that are almost certain to calm you down and increase your net worth. The trick is figuring out which of the six works for you.

  • Most TSP funds had negative returns in May

    Your Thrift Savings Plan took a hit in May, with all funds except for the F and G Funds showing negative returns for the month.

  • TSP restarts transaction processing after Sandy

    The Thrift Savings Plan starts processing transactions on Wednesday after the U.S. markets were closed for the past two days due to Post-tropical Cyclone Sandy.

  • ‘Trump bump’ instead of ‘Trump slump’ makes chumps of Wall Street experts

    Stock market prognosticators predicted doom and gloom prior to the election. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the reality is quite different since then.

  • What’s your TSP plan when the stock market crashes?

    Good news: Stock market is at an all-time high. Bad news: The market is long overdue for a major correction. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks, do you have a Plan B for your TSP?

  • Sheltering in the TSP’s G fund

    At the bottom of the Great Recession in March 2009, many federal workers and retirees saw their Thrift Savings Plan accounts drop as much as 40 percent. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks, what’s your plan for the next downturn?

  • Do you have a plan B for your TSP?

    Have you protected your TSP from the next stock market crash? Financial planner Arthur Stein will explain what you should be doing now to protect your financial assets when he joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn. July 5, 2017

  • TSP’s index funds are hot! So, what’s an index fund?

    A growing number of self-made TSP millionaires invested in index funds from day one. But what are they? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has the answer.

  • TSP millionaire’s guide

    How much financial and investing advice should you give to a career civil servant who’s got a million-and-a-half dollars in his Thrift Savings Plan?

  • Tips for protecting your retirement nest egg

    Are you concerned about how a long-over due stock market correction would affect your TSP accounts? Tune in to this week’s Your Turn when financial planner Arthur Stein explains what you can do to protect your retirement nest egg. October 11, 2017