More agencies move toward the cloud

The Library of Congress and the Department of Education are just two of the agencies that have moved their process management to the cloud. Samir Gulati, vice p...

By Vyomika Jairam
Federal News Radio

Agencies are being pushed to move their business process management into the cloud, according to Samir Gulati, the vice president of marketing and a senior executive at Appian, a leading business process management firm.

Gulati says the Department of Education recently implemented its process management in the cloud.

“We think this is the start of the federal government really beginning to adopt BPM in the cloud,” Gulati said.

By switching to the cloud, the DoE no longer has to maintain its servers on-site. Also, Appian will now handle all security and software updates.

“As soon as the federal government gets warmed up to the fact that this is not a security threat, and this is an easy way to consume applications, I think we’ll find a lot more BPM applications being used,” Gulati said.

And according to him, the federal government has catching up to do.

“The commercial sector is clearly ahead of the game, they’ve been using BPM in the cloud now, I want to say, for 18-24 months,” Gulati said.

Now, large organizations are using BPM in the cloud for all of their core, mission-critical work, Gulati said.

“I think the government is lagging, but I think with the mandates that are coming down from Vivek Kundra and the Obama administration, people are warming up to the concept,” Gulati said, citing a move to the cloud by another of Appian’s clients, the Library of Congress.

“We’re seeing the federal government beginning to catch up.”

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