Budget request sees DHS increasing cybersecurity spending

The Homeland Security Department would sharply raise spending for cybersecurity under the White House 2013 budget request.

The Homeland Security Department would sharply raise spending for cybersecurity under the White House 2013 budget request. DHS is asking for $769 million for cyber operations, up from $459 million this year.

That $769 million would be used to support the operations of the National Cyber Security Division, which not only protects federal computer systems, but also protects U.S. information networks from disruptions or cyberattacks.

The FY 2013 Budget also bolsters DHS’ efforts in combating cyber crimes, such as the large-scale production and distribution of child pornography.

Funding for other cybersecurity safeguards and security efforts includes:

  • Federal Network Security: $236 million to help agencies to secure their IT networks;
  • National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS): $345 million to improve situational awareness of growing cyber threats to agency systems and networks;
  • US-Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT Operations): $93 million, to improve America’s cybersecurity posture, manage cyber risks and promote the sharing of cyber information;
  • Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center: funding to expand the center to 25 states, with coverage of all states by FY 2015;
  • Cybersecurity Workforce: $12.9 million to provide virtual cybersecurity education and training;
  • Cybersecurity Research and Development: $64.5 million for research and development;
  • Cyber Investigations: funding for continued support of Secret Service and ICE cyber investigations.

FY 2013 Budget will also enable FEMA to support DHS’ efforts to build a “whole community” approach to emergency management and to support the objectives of the National Preparedness Goal.

The Administration introduced a proposal to establish homeland security grants “to create a robust national response capacity based on cross-jurisdictional and readily deployable State and local resources.”

Included in the FY 2013 Budget are $2.9 billion for State and local grants, which is $500 million more than Congress appropriated in FY 2012. These funds will be used for fire and emergency management grants, along with other grants, as part of a streamlined National Preparedness Grant Program.

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