What are the implications of 2013 defense budget request?

The official 2013 budget request for the Defense Department was released just over a week ago, but already some important implications have emerged about the Pentagon budget.

David Berteau, the senior vice president and director of the CSIS International Security Program, and Ryan Crotty, a CSIS research associated with the group’s Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group, joined Pentagon Solutions to discuss the department’s fiscal-year 2013 budget.

When examining the DoD budget, much of the discussion has centered around actual cuts vs. cuts to projected growth. Berteau and Crotty acknowledged cuts to the base budget for 2013 are not particularly deep over the next five years. However, cuts to projected growth amount to $240 billion.

The two analysts also discussed cuts to overseas contingency operations, the congressional wrangling between not only Democrats and Republicans but between the House and the Senate and the defense budget’s “boogeyman”: sequestration.


CSIS report: Implications of the FY13 Defense Budget


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