Federal Drive Interviews — Feb. 4, 2013

Terry Weaver, president of Weaver Consulting, discusses an overhauled version of Section 508 regulations. Jamison Cush, chief editor of TechTarget's Technology ...

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Today’s guests:

Terry Weaver
Weaver Consulting, LLC

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The Access Board is about to release an overhauled version of Section 508 regulations. They dictate how agencies are required to provide people with disabilities to government computer systems and other facilities. Meanwhile, the White House has issued new orders for agencies to better manage Section 508 requirements.

Jamison Cush
chief editor
TechTarget’s Technology Guide

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If it was advertised on the Super Bowl, it must be cool, right? You might have seen the ad for the new BlackBerry Z-10. BlackBerry‘s first new smartphone model in 18 months is a Hail Mary pass to save the company. Once the standard throughout the federal government, BlackBerry has fallen on hard times, its marketshare dropping to single digits.

Tom Lee
Sunlight Labs

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For most of us, reading proposed federal regulations might be just slightly less painful than a root canal. If squinting at pages of bureaucratic and legal language makes your head spin, there’s a new tool you may want to use. Sunlight Labs, part of the non-profit Sunlight Foundation, has released “Docket Wrench” to make it easier to track actions related to proposed rules.


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