Panel discussion: Combating a retirement-driven brain drain

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Even though a massive federal retirement tsunami has been a no-show, even a moderate uptick in retirements could pose challenges for agencies — especially as they face decreasing budgets due to sequestration and declining staffs.

In this special Federal Drive panel discussion hosted by Tom Temin and Emily Kopp, guest experts discuss the impending retirement wave and how agencies can plan effectively for the loss of experience and knowledge when their long-time employees head for the experts.

(From L-R: Federal Drive co-host Emily Kopp; Al Tyree of Graduate School USA; Sheila Wright of HUD; Chris Hardy of DAU; and Federal Drive co-host Tom Temin)

    About the guests:

  • Sheila Wright
    Chief learning officer
    Housing and Urban Development
  • Al Tyree
    Director of Global Solutions and a member of the Training Officers’ Consortium
    Graduate School USA
  • Christopher R. Hardy
    Director of the Global Learning and Technology Center
    Defense Acquisition University


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