New administration looks to DC for cyber innovation

The new administration has promised to focus on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence and will be looking to the Washington, D.C. region for new breakthroughs in technology.

Chuck Brooks, Vice President of Government Relations & Marketing at Sutherland Government Solutions, says the region should pounce on the opportunity.

As a “Top Tech Voice to Follow” on LinkedIn, Brooks is the go-to source for trend analysis in innovation, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence in the D.C. region.

“There’s an opportunity here to take advantage of the local talent and expertise,” says Brooks, referring to Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. region — or what he calls the “vortex of capabilities.”

The development of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence is extremely fast-paced, often making it hard even for policymakers to understand the inner workings of these technologies on their own.

“It is the future and the future is here,” says Brooks.

“I mean, I think it’s almost sort of ambushed us. It came on so quick.” He says he believes that the reservoir of expertise in technology on Capitol Hill is often limited, but that “they’re trying to catch up”. One of the most significant factors will be the ability of the government and regulators to understand these technologies and pave the proper paths.

“How do you regulate something like this?” Brooks asked What’s Working in Washington. “There’s a huge amount of investing being done—not just in the United States, but globally…I don’t think we’ve looked at the implications and the impact that artificial intelligence can have.”

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For an entrepreneur looking to plug into the artificial intelligence or cybersecurity ecosystem in D.C., Brooks stresses the importance of keeping up with the quickly changing world of technology.

Through social media and forums like LinkedIn, Brooks is able to both learn and share knowledge with the click of a key.

His advice for newcomers?

“Communicate,” says Brooks. “Get involved on social media, follow all the postings in the groups…go to the local events.”

He says the best way to get direct access to experts in the field and learn about opportunities is to look into the bountiful pool of relevant associations and industry advocacy groups available in D.C.

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