What entrepreneurs find in DC

More proof that entrepreneurs come to Washington to start something, and to have a real impact.

“I think almost anyone can have an impact, and that’s what’s great about Washington,” said Rob Quartel, chairman and CEO of NTELX. “You can be doing it in the private sector, the public sector, even not-for-profits.”

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“You look at an organization, public, private or nonprofit, and you try to figure out how to run it using many of the same tools,” said Quartel.

However, young entrepreneurs are sometimes missing something important. “I think they all think they’re mainly missing money… what they’re missing, frequently, is experience,” said Quartel.

Many universities don’t prepare young entrepreneurs for the most important way of gaining experience: failing.

“What’s bad is if they go out and they fail, and they don’t pick themselves up… It’s good if they try it, and fail, and try it and fail, and eventually succeed,” he said.


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