Answers to your long-term care questions

The 274,000 feds and retirees in the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program have until the end of the month to decide what, if anything, to do about their coverage. Premiums are going up an average of 83 percent (that’s an increase of $111 per month for most) with some going up as much as 126 percent.

Today on our “Your Turn” radio show , host Mike Causey will be talking with Paul Forte and Joan Melanson from Long Term Care Partners. They administer the federal program. And they’ll review the ways that enrollees can submit their decision and the avenues available to get help. They’ll also talk about the actual choices people have already made. In some cases, they’ve downsized their coverage but will not be hit by any premium increase.

If you have questions send them to Mike (before show time) at If we can’t answer them on air, we will be in touch by email. You can call in during the show at 202-465-3080, or dial 712-432-5393 to listen live from any phone. The show will be archived on our website so you can listen later, listen again or refer it to a friend or worker. That’s 10 a.m. EDT streaming at or in the D.C. area on 1500 AM.


Your Turn with Mike Causey


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