Surviving the transition

This week on “Your Turn”, host Mike Causey will talk with Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogryskowho’s been diving into the complex hiring-freeze imposed by President Donald Trump.

She is also trying to figure out who’s been tracking five to eight bills that, if they become law, could impact your career big time. In the worse-case scenario they would, among other things, make it much easier for your boss to fire you, allow individual members of Congress to single out individuals for a pay cut, weaken the power of unions, etc., and make it much, much easier to fire you.

If you’re in the upper levels of the civil service, stay tuned for a chat with Carol Bonosaro. She’s the retired president of the Senior Executives Association and she’s got lots of tips for surviving — maybe thriving — the transition. That’s 10 a.m. EST at or in the D.C. area, 1500 AM.

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