It’s time to sign up for long care coverage

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Crippling medical bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in this country, but federal workers and retirees and their survivors can avoid financial ruin if the worst happens — if they pay attention to the benefits open season that runs through Dec. 18.

Between now and then you can pick the best health plan for you and yours. You can also get long-term care insurance that will provide coverage, in a facility or at home, if you need it. It’s also the open season for the federal vision and dental programs.

This week’s episode  Your Turn  deals with some of the benefits available during this open season.  Our guests are Joan Melanson and Paul Forte of Long Term Care Partners.

Then, starting November 14th, we will have Walton Francis, who literally wrote the book on federal health plans, on the show every Wednesday during open season.

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