Chart: How agencies stack up year to year on ‘Best Places to Work’ survey

This year\'s \"Best Places to Work\" rankings include both agencies that have long topped the list and others that made made strides to reach the top 10 list.

By Jolie Lee
Federal News RadioThis year’s “Best Places to Work” rankings include both agencies that have long topped the list and others that made made strides to reach the top 10 list.

Below are this year’s top agencies, compared with their rankings from previous years. (Note: Not all agencies submitted surveys for every year.) Hear audio from the Partnership for Public Service’s Max Stier at the awards ceremony as he handed out awards for the top five small agencies and the top 10 large agencies.

Top 10 Large Agencies

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDIC was the most improved large agency. It also ranked number one in employee skills/mission match and satisfaction with pay.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Although NRC was ousted as the top large agency, it still ranked the highest for performance-based awards, and training and development.

Government Accountability Office

The watchdog agency ranked the highest for support for diversity.


The Institution includes the National Zoo and the museums.


The space agency ranked high in leadership, family friendly culture and its environment of teamwork.

Social Security Administration

SSA ranked high in its strategic management, and training and development.

State Department

State ranked third for its strategic management and fourth for teamwork. However, it ranked 27 of 28 large agencies for family friendly culture.

Intelligence community

The coalition of 17 agencies and organizations works to collect and convey essential information for policymaking, law enforcement and the military.

Office of Personnel Management

OPM was the second most improved agency. It ranked high in its effective leadership of supervisors and satisfaction with pay.

General Services Administration

GSA ranked high in work/life balance (number 3) and training and development (number 5).

Top 10 Small Agencies

Surface Transportation Board

The board ranked number one in nearly all categories, including performance-based rewards, support for diversity, employee skills/mission match and strategic management.

Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

The agency ranked number one in the training and development and pay categories.

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
FMCS was number two for employee skills/mission match and three for pay.

Peace Corps

The agency is celebrating the 50th year of its founding by President John F. Kennedy.

Farm Credit Administration

The staff of about 250 ensures secure credit services for agriculture and rural America.

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

OPIC was the top small agency for family friendly culture and benefits. The agency works in more than 150 countries to help the U.S. private sector grow in emerging markets.

Federal Labor Relations Authority

FLRA resolves complains of unfair labor practices. The agency ranked high in teamwork and effective leadership of its supervisors.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission
The commission’s mission is to protect the public from abusive practices related to financial futures and options.
National Endowment for the Humanities

The agency provides grants for research, education, preservation and public programs in the humanities.

Federal Trade Commission

Charged with enforcing consumer protection laws, the FTC ranked high in leadership and teamwork but low for pay and support for diversity.


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