In Depth interviews – August 10

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Today’s guests:

Jaime GraciaPresident and CEO, Seville Government Consulting

The end of the fiscal year is coming, and federal agencies are already getting ready for it. But small businesses may get a smaller piece of the contracting pie than they should between now and Sept. 30. Jaime Gracia is President and CEO of Seville Government Consulting, a minority-owned small business that offers federal acquisition training. He says the solution will come from ONE source.

Read more about Jaime Gracia’s thoughts of small business contracts on his blog here.

Tammy FlanaganSenior Benefits Director, National Institute for Transition Planning

When you’re planning for retirement, you don’t have to choose the “best day to retire” any more. You can slow down your work pace, instead of stopping altogether, thanks to phased retirement. Tammy Flanagan is senior benefits director for the National Institute for Transition Planning explains when this might be a good option for you. And she compares today’s typical pay raises and cost of living increases compared to those offered in the 1970s.

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Steve BucciSenior Research Fellow for Defense and Homeland Security, Heritage Foundation

The recent power outages in India were not the result of a cyber attack. But it did raise a lot of cybersecurity questions. The questions themselves might be an indication that cyber awareness is starting to mature. Dr. Steve Bucci is Senior Research Fellow for Defense and Homeland Security at the Heritage Foundation. He spoke with Francis Rose about the policy implications like India’s would have here in the United States.

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David BerteauSenior Vice President and Director International Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Coordinating operations within your agency is sometimes challenging, so it makes sense that getting the job done in conjunction with another agency can be even tougher. But not the Departments of State and Defense. They say they’re collaborating better than ever. David Berteau is Senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and director of their International Security Program.

CSIS has a posted a video discussion with Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro.

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