In Depth interviews – March 14

On the In Depth show blog, you can listen to the interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day and links to additional resources.

This is the In Depth show blog. Here you can listen to the interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day and links to additional resources.


Dominic Delmolino
Vice President of Data Management and Enginee

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A shift in priorities in your agency’s IT shop is happening thanks to advancing technology. More and more agencies are getting out of the hardware business. Dominic Delmolino, vice president of data management and engineering at Agilex, joins In Depth to discuss why agencies’ technology refresh cycle could look different this year.

The Year Ahead: Software (-based Infrastructure) Trumps Hardware

Dan Epstein
Executive Director
Cause of Action

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Government transparency is a high priority for the Obama administration. But independent watchdog group Cause of Action says there’s still room for improvement, giving the administration a grade of “C.” Dan Epstein, the group’s executive director, joins In Depth to discuss how his group came up with the scores.

Grading the Government (related link)

Darren Ash
Chief Information Officer
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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A talented cyber work force is critical to your agency’s security. Finding, hiring, and retaining that force was the subject of the discussion at AFFIRM’s lunch series today at the Washington Plaza Hotel. Federal News Radio anchor Emily Kopp from the Federal Drive moderated the panel. She asked a panel of experts from federal agencies what their challenges are in building and maintaining a robust cyber work force. Darren Ash, the CIO at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told her what he’s up against.

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Mike Sullivan
Director of Acquisition and Sourcing Management Issues
Government Accountability Office

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The most expensive aircraft acquisition in Defense Department history is the F-35 program, now at the $400 billion. But with sequestration already taking effect the Defense Department will have to plan ahead to keep the F-35 program in flight. Mike Sullivan, director of acquisition and sourcing management issues at the Government Accountability Office, joins In Depth to discuss the current outlook for the F-35 program.

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Dan Blair
President and CEO
National Academy of Public Administration

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Private-sector partnerships could help the U.S. Postal Service escape it’s ever-growing debt problem. Dan Blair, president and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration, examined how a hybrid model of public and private services would work for the postal service.

Reforming the U.S. Postal Service: An Independent Review of a Thought-Leader Proposal to Reform the U.S. Postal Service

Also on the show:

DoD Reporter Jared Serbu on the Pentagon’s cybersecurity priorities(check his page tomorrow for the report)

Plus, Jason Miller on why the pressure is now on for agencies to protect their computer networks. (check his page tomorrow for the report)

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