In Depth Show Blog – April 29

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Today’s guests:

Mike Smith
Silverline Group

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Furloughs and layoffs at contracting companies aren’t coming nearly as quickly as some experts expected after sequestration hit last month. Numbers from companies in Virginia, in particular, look a lot different than those experts thought they would. Mike Smith, co-founder of the Silverline Group, joins In Depth with the company’s analysis.

Bill Toth
Director of Motor Vehicle Management
General Services Administration

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The federal fleet of agency vehicles is getting a big green makeover. The General Services Administration is adding thousands of hybrid cars to save about a million gallons of gas every year. Bill Toth, GSA’s director of Motor Vehicle Management, joins In Depth to discuss the new initiative.

New GSA Initiative Replaces Aging Federal Fleet with Up to 10,000 Hybrid Vehicles (related link)

David Wise
Director of Physical Infrastructure Issues
Government Accountability Office

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The battle to reign in federal real property management is shaping up to be a big data problem. And so far, it looks like the government is losing, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office. David Wise, director of Physical Infrastructure Issues at GAO, joins In Depth to discuss the government’s real-property management.

Jeremy Grant
Senior Executive Adviser for Identity Management
National Institute of Standards and Technology

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Three weeks from now, the National Institute of Standards and Technology will cut off applications for an important pilot program. The participants will take another step toward NIST’s National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC). Jeremy Grant, senior executive adviser for Identity Management at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, joins In Depth to discuss the pilot program.

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