Outlay rules are ridiculous

On this edition of Columbia Technology Partners’ Ready To Prime, Allen Scott is joined byMary Ostman, a retired contracting officer with 38 years of DoD expe...

On this edition of Columbia Technology Partners’ Ready to Prime, Allen Scott introduces you to someone you should get to another important person in your role as a government contractor. The contracting officer can make or break your career in the Department of Defense. Follow the rules and you’re OK, but cross them and you may be on thin ice.

Mary Ostman is a retired contracting officer who spent 38 years working for the Department of Defense – the last 10 of which as a contract officer.  She not a fan of the “use it or lose it” mentality that forces agencies to scramble at the end of the fiscal year to spend money. Ostman been through the Snowden scandal, troop drawdowns and of course the sequester. She tells Allen what’s working, and what’s not in this edition of CTP’s Ready to Prime.


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