Wash acts as the conductor to make GPO’s technology run smoothly

September 2, 2010 — The best way to describe Mike Wash, the Government Printing Office’s chief information officer, is as a conductor.

Wash oversees such as wide variety of topics–from cybersecurity to digital printing to document security to infrastructure to records management–he must not only trust his co-workers to manage their specific topic areas effectively, but make sure everyone is working in harmony

GPO’s top priority is its FDSys program, an online system for storing the Federal Register and other federal publications. Wash said by October GPO will move Federal Digital System out of the beta and into full production mode.

Wash said to move into full production and eventually turn off the GPOAccess system, FDSys must hold all legacy data and have a fully operational back-up system. GPO has run GPOAccess for about 16 years.

Similar to GPOAccess, Wash has his eye on retiring several other legacy systems, including a mainframe that is about 30-years old.

GPO recently awarded a contract to move the applications and data on the mainframe to a virtual mainframe hosted by a vendor. Wash said this will give GPO several benefits including better continuity of operations and an easier way to keep the applications working properly.



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