The Social Security evil twins WEP and GPO get a fresh look from Capitol Hill

The Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) have for decades limited Social Security payments available to certain…

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Mary Kombolias: GPO chemist wins patent for secure document adhesive testing

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Getty Images/Ingram Publishing/Ingram PublishingHigh angle view of business executives walking through a revolving door

DHS, GPO get ‘new’ IT executives; VA losing long-time acquisition leader

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Meredith Somers: GPO continues quest toward modernization

Since the Government Publishing Office, a legislative branch agency, changed its name from the Government Printing Office in 2016, it’s been continuing…

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State expects 21 million passport applications this year, and is ready for them

Brenda Sprague, the State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for passport services, said the agency has made major changes to its people, process…

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Proposed rule clarifies privileges for presidential records disclosure

The National Archives and Records Administration is proposing a rule that clarifies public disclosure of presidential records, and the rights of a current and former president to allow that publication, or to block it.

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