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We’ve been following the controversy around the $9.5 million contract to redesign the Web site that was awarded to Smartronix. (The chairman ...

We’ve been following the controversy around the $9.5 million contract to redesign the Web site that was awarded to Smartronix. (The chairman of the Recovery Board spoke to Federal News Radio 1500 AM on Monday.)

The company has issued a press release [Scrib in Flash; PDF], but, more importantly, the company also issued a statement about some of the concerns about the contract. [PDF]

It is posted below, but… the highlights:

The task…

The Smartronix 2.0 Team is required to design, procure, install, configure, secure, operate and maintain an entire Web infrastructure (development, test, staging, and production components) to support tens of millions of users. The Team also must provide a businessintelligence platform for reporting and advanced data visualizations for hundreds of thousands of reporting entities. The solution must be robust, fault tolerant, secure, and highly available. A mirrored continuity of operations environment is also required.

And they pointed to the statement of work

The procurement process and award…

The 2.0 task was procured in a competitive environment under the newly awarded GSA Alliant contract, which was also competitively awarded. There are 59 awardees under the Alliant contract, including many of the largest and most respected information technology companies in the United States. Smartronix provided a proposal that the government selected as “Best Value” to perform the task’s contractual requirements.

And an excerpt about Smartronix history and an overview of the company…

Smartronix is a classic example of the small business American dream. Founded in 1995 on credit cards, life savings, and second mortgages in a one-room basement office in Lexington Park, Maryland, the company founders had a vision for a company that would demonstrate a strong commitment to customer service and a desire to create a family-oriented culture. Our deep tradition of client and employee commitment and a never-ending desire for continuous improvement has resulted in what was envisioned years ago – a family-like bond with employees and long-lastingpartnerships with clients.

And the Smartronics team

Here is the full statement:

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