Beverly Malone Nomination

Editor’s Note: Winners of the Causey Awards were nominated by their peers for their outstanding achievements and important contributions to the Human Capital Management field in 2009. Nominators were asked to answer various questions about the nominee including, how did this person go above and beyond in 2009 and what is the impact of this person’s work? Their answers have been posted below. To see the complete list of Causey Award winners click here.

Beverly is the National Program Manager for Coaching and Mentoring Strategy in IRS. She is responsible for supporting and consulting to all IRS Business Units on effectively using coaching and mentoring products and services to build leader skills in this important area. She leads the design, development and delivery efforts for coaching/mentoring classes. She also provides expert advice on employee development issues and coaches selected leaders. She is at the forefront of IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman’s strategic goal of making IRS “a best place to work in government.”

Beverly was responsible for creating and delivering the mentoring component for the IRS Warrior Intern Program (WIP) Pilot that began Veterans Day week 2009 at the IRS Austin Compliance Center. Ten veterans in the Austin area were selected for the program that provides wounded soldiers a 4-6 month opportunity to gain experience in a specific IRS position prior to transitioning out of military service.

Beverly expertly worked with the Army’s Wounded Warrior Program and the Office of Personnel Management to design and deliver a mentoring workshop that brought together the wounded veterans and their IRS mentors, allowing them to immediately form a relationship that helped support the transition of these veterans into the IRS work environment, and sustain their progress during the internship itself.

She also used her experience to help determine the most appropriate mentor and protégé matches. She conducted separate conference calls with each mentoring pair to ensure the relationships got off to productive starts. She did all this amidst her many other responsibilities cited in section 1, above.

IMPACT: The mentoring workshop received rave reviews from both mentors and protégés. Its timing was very meaningful, in that it was conducted at Fort Hood, the week after the tragic shootings there. It provided an additional sense of strength and stability to base personnel who were supporting the training. The intern program is already paying benefits. Within two months, two of the veterans were doing so well that IRS converted them to permanent status, using our Schedule A Authority. Also, the Treasury Department and other Federal Agencies have lauded this initiative, and are interested in benchmarking its features. We anticipate it being the seed that leads to similar future efforts across government.

Bev is viewed as a consummate professional by her peers and by IRS management. She always takes extra steps to ensure the highest quality delivery of products and services that positively impact the work environment. WIP is an example of how she has helped American heroes readjust from life in the military ranks back to the civilian environment. This is particularly helpful for those who have returned from combat with significant injuries. Her work is an example of how government agencies can take extra steps to provide our veterans with the opportunities they need to thrive and succeed. Bev is richly deserving of the Causey Award!

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