GPO accounts for some missing laptops

By Jolie Lee
Federal News Radio

The Government Printing Office said it has recovered some of the laptops that could not be accounted for in an Inspector General report released this month.

The Dec. 6 IG report looked at a sample number of laptops issued to personnel between 2005 and 2009 and estimated that GPO could not account for between 150 and 213 laptops.

Each laptop had been purchased for an average price of $2,210, meaning the total loss in value could have been up to $470,730, the report said.

According to a GPO release, the agency said it believes the missing laptops were re-issued and not stolen. The statement did not specify how many laptops had been recovered.

The IG report also stated that GPO had no standard operating procedure for laptop accountability.

In response, the GPO said in its statement, “Enhanced security procedures have been instituted to control these critical assets. GPO has embarked on a comprehensive process to improve our inventory management.”