GPO teams with Google to offer federal e-books

By Jolie Lee
Federal News Radio

The Government Printing Office and Google are partnering to offer more than 100 federal government titles in e-book format, according to a GPO release.

The electronic publications can be searched through Google’s e-bookstore and downloaded to any connected device with a browser, such as the Nook e-reader or iPad. (The Kindle, however, only allows downloads through Amazon.)

Among the federal e-books are a history of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the Budget of the United States for FY2011 and the first volume of public papers from the president.

Google did all the scanning and digital conversion of the publications at no cost to taxpayers, said Davita Vance-Cooks, GPO’s publication and information sales managing director, in a statement.

“This partnership with Google opens the door for a new way to publicize the titles available from the federal government,” Vance-Cooks said.

GPO is in charge of producing, cataloging and preserving published government information. In addition to publication sales, GPO also makes government information available through its Federal Digital System, at no cost.