Military associations embrace some compensation and retirement recommendations

Five military associations are calling on the House Armed Services Committee members to take a closer look at several of the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission’s recommendations.

The Air Force Association, the Enlisted Association of the National Guard, the National Guard Association, the Reserve Officers Association and the Veterans of Foreign Wars wrote to Reps. Mac Thornberry and Adam Smith on April 16 highlighting their support for creating a matching Thrift Savings Plan for servicemembers and increase financial literacy training.

The five associations together represent more than 3 million current and former servicemembers.

“We urge the committee to support legislating expanding TSP, along with financial literacy training to all military members,” the letter stated. “We believe that the recommendations enhances the current retirement system and is a valuable recruiting tool for a new generation of warfighters. We also believe whatever Congress passes should maintain the overall value of the retirement system, should not adversely affect retention and the TSP match should continue throughout an individual’s career.”

The military commission made 15 recommendations in late January to improve management and delivery of DoD pay and retirement services.

House and Senate Armed Services Committees have held a series of hearings exploring the recommendations, and legislation is expected in the coming months.

The fact that these military organizations publicly voiced their support for at least some of the non-controversial recommendations is a good sign. There is wide recognition that something has to be done to improve benefits and potentially lower costs for DoD, but little agreement yet on what that is or will be.

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