Introducing: A Deeper Look with Joe Paiva

A Deeper Look with Joe Paiva airs Wednesdays at 10:00am ET, beginning February 2023 on Federal News Network.

A Deeper Look with Joe Paiva airs Wednesdays at 10:00am ET, beginning February 2023 on Federal News Network.

My name is Joe Paiva. I am a retired software industry executive best known for helping to start, grow, buy and sell tech companies. However, I started out as an enlisted sailor, and served 13 years in the Navy before starting my commercial career.

I got extremely lucky in private industry, and was lucky enough to hold VP, CIO, EVP and COO positions in multiple private and publicly held companies (most of which actually made money). However, when the war in Iraq started, I was drawn back in to serve as an Army Reserve officer, and ultimately spent another 13 years serving simultaneously as both an Army reservist and a senior federal civilian leader in the departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Commerce before returning to private industry and life as “an ordinary citizen” back in 2017.

Now I am fortunate to have the ability to do whatever I want in retirement, and incredibly thankful to Federal News Network for enabling me to create and host A Deeper Look on Federal News Radio. The premise of our show came from two realizations:

  • Despite decades of public service as both a military officer and senior civilian, I could not even begin to explain what the overwhelming majority of hundreds of government agencies actually do.
  • The lack of knowledge about what agencies do (combined with a dearth of socio-economic diversity at the leadership levels of almost every federal agency) dissuades people from public service, which in turn exacerbates existing gaps in both knowledge and diversity (leading to lack of trust of government).

So we created A Deeper Look to help people better understand what each federal agency does and attract more people to apply for jobs within their government. Accordingly, each episode features a different agency, and provides that agency’s leader a chance to explain exactly what their agency does, the impacts they have on people’s lives, and why their agency is a great place to work.

Thank you for visiting our show’s home page, and please tune in to listen to our show (either live or as a podcast) and come back to this page often to read articles we will publish here to go with the show.

Joe Paiva


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