Naval Postgraduate School wins ‘Best Overall Location’

Federal News Radio asked you which agency has the best overall location as part of our Best of the Federal Government series.

We asked you to consider the nightlife, the restaurants, and the overall environment that surrounds these agencies before voting in our poll.

In the end, the Naval Postgraduate School came out on top with 44 percent of the vote. The National Park Service came in second (36 percent), followed by the Department of Energy’s Golden Field Office (13 percent), the Department of Agriculture (6 percent) and the Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Healthcare System (1 percent).

The Naval Postgraduate School won for its location near the Monterey Bay in California.

Up next in our Best of the Federal Government series, we want you to tell us which of your co-workers deserves to win the title “Best Dressed?” Send us an email with that person’s name, his/her agency, and why you believe this person is the best dressed. Be sure to include a photo of the nominee as well.

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