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Cultivating sound email authentication systems

Ping Look, the executive advisor for security and awareness at Optiv, says assurance in the authenticity of received email is becoming more difficult.

Ping Look, the executive advisor for security and awareness at Optiv, says assurance in the authenticity of received email is becoming more difficult. That’s because the sophistication of spoofed e-mail is on the rise. Motivations of senders of malicious e-mail are also becoming more varied. They range from getting people to send money, to obtaining organizational data, to causing reputational damage. She says sound authentication systems are needed because employees are becoming overwhelmed with the task of evaluating the volumes of email they receive.

Look says, “Now we have difficulty identifying legitimate emails from fake emails ⎯ even for someone like me who looks at emails day in and day out.”



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Ping Look, Executive Advisor, Security and Awareness, Optiv

Ping Look brings over a decade of program leadership and experience to her current role as executive advisor, security communications and awareness at Optiv. In this role, Look oversees the development and implementation of the Optiv internal security awareness and education program, provides research and vision into improving the effectiveness of such programs, and advises companies and governments on developing a security-minded work force.

Look has broad experience in the information security field, having served in roles ranging from operations, marketing and program coordination to management, sales and practice management. Her experiences give her a unique understanding of the industry from both the perspective of technical practitioner to nontechnical end user.

Prior to her previous position at Accuvant starting in 2012, Ping served as event director for Black Hat briefings, and training and operations director at DEF CON where she was instrumental in growing the two events from underground gatherings to world renowned information security conferences. In the case of Black Hat, the event grew from 20 speakers and 300 attendees to a $20 million industry-recognized event with over 100 speakers, 100 sponsors and 10,000 attendees. As a result of her time at Black Hat and DEF CON, she has a unique connection and understanding of the most technical and influential resources in the industry.

Look holds a bachelor’s degree from Clark University.

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