• Security awareness training: Don’t exclude contract workers

    Gretel Egan, security awareness training strategist for Proofpoint, offers best practices for agencies to keep in mind when training employees and contractors.

  • Email: the often neglected cybersecurity threat

    Even though 90 percent of cybersecurity threats are coming through email only a fraction of security budget are dedicated to securing email.

  • How agencies can stop playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with their email security

    With less than two months before the Homeland Security Department’s Oct. 16 deadline, the number of agency domains still not using the DMARC protocol is more than 200.

  • Trust is of utmost importance in Coast Guard email correspondence

    The Coast Guard might be housed in the Homeland Security Department, but operationally it similar to the armed services. It uses communication infrastructures provided by the Defense Department, notes Capt. Michael Dickey, the commanding officer of the Coast Guard Command, Control, Communications and IT service center.

  • The latest Binding Operational Directive

    As National Cybersecurity Assessment and Technology Services lead at the Homeland Security Department’s National Protection and Programs Directorate, Cameron Dixon has been close to the six Binding Operational Directives coming from DHS in recent years.

  • Internal and external implications of email security

    For Sean Lang, chief information security officer for the Library of Congress, email security is both an internal and external matter.

  • New DHS mandate promotes email authentication

    People may complain about the volume of email they receive, but email remains a massively important medium of communication. Nearly five billion active email accounts exist, generating hundreds of billions of messages every day.

  • Proper implementation of DMARC

    For Bhagwat Swaroop, executive vice president and general manager for email security at Proofpoint, use of the DMARC protocols is a matter of maintaining trust within an organization, among agencies, and between agencies and external constituents.

  • Cultivating sound email authentication systems

    Ping Look, the executive advisor for security and awareness at Optiv, says assurance in the authenticity of received email is becoming more difficult.