Working for Uncle Sam: Great while it lasted, also nice when it’s over

Many people who spent their career with Uncle Sam are glad they did. But when it’s over, many people are glad, too. Take today’s holiday guest columnist, To...

Many, maybe most people who spent their career with Uncle Sam are glad they did. They enjoyed their work, liked their colleagues, felt like they had a worthwhile mission. But when it’s over, many people are glad, too. Take today’s holiday guest columnist, Tony Korlik, for example:

Hello to all you retired and working feds. Mike asked if I could fill in with a few words while he’s gone during the holidays. Well most of you retired feds like me are probably happy we don’t have to go through with all this government shutdown stuff again. My heart goes out to all you working feds. You guys work so hard and to deserve these chicken— ahem, party politics is just disgusting.

I just don’t understand it. Our supposed leaders say the represent you and it doesn’t matter which side you support they are willing to hang all of you out to dry, use you as pawns, and then try to convince you that the other side is at fault so you vote for them come November.

I never served in the armed forces, back in the day that wasn’t considered a good place to be. The draft was ended, so I thought I’d serve my country working for it. I went through two shutdowns and survived, but I still have friends working and they seem concerned about maybe not getting paid.

This is just plain wrong. All you senators and representatives should pass the hat in both chambers to pay these loyal workers of yours. At least they take pride in the job, they show up every day where a lot elected of officials don’t — some of them for 35 to 40 years. You don’t care, you listen to what the party tells you and act accordingly or get paid off by a lobbyist. If you think this system, for how great it is, is working right now, well you’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes.

I don’t think since I retired in August 2014 that a budget has been passed, at least it seems that way. It is always continuing resolutions. It’s just a crime, that our elected officials can’t work together. It was one of the reasons I left. I had great pride in what I did for my country, but the constant talk of losing this or that benefit took its toll on me and I decided it was time to leave. I never felt I had to break the bank to retire. All I wanted to do is enjoy my life with my family. I think a lot of feds today feel the same way.

No, I don’t have a million dollars socked away. I even have my own little business on the side. Politicians already have money and have two times the benefits that a federal employee works a lifetime for. I’m tired of two-party politics and I say we don’t need to pay our representatives six figures to represent us. You don’t really care about me and the jobs we did or are doing. So I say why not take something from them and see if they don’t maybe try to work things out instead of holding you hostage? A constitutional amendment limiting their pay, perhaps? I hope you don’t think I’m getting senile in my retirement years, I just think being a federal employee was the greatest career and to see how it is being treated by a bunch of rich politicians just disgusts me to no end.

You, federal employees, are all the greatest people around and I was proud to be one of you. Thank-you, and now I feel better.

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By Amelia Brust

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