How to get familiar with the principles of web design

June 29, 2010 — Every federal IT professional must be familiar with the principles of web design.

Navigation Arts is a well respected local company that has earned a reputation for excellence in usability assessment, web design, and web technology services.

If your agency is attempting to be more citizen friendly, then you will want to listen to what CEO Leo Mullen has to say.

Let’s face it, here in 2010 we are dealing with a very web-savvy public.


You will need to know how to use social media to engage citizens, how to adapt your web information for mobile users, as well as making content searchable.

Engagement means presenting content that is contextually relevant.

You must design in response functionality that is easy enough for a sixth grader to use!

Navigation Arts will discuss these topics to help your agency accomplish one of the main goals of this administration: engaging citizens.

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