Using new technology to store and archive big data

Christian Heiter, CTO, Hitachi Data Systems Federal Corporation

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January 6, 2015 — Today’s interview is with Christian Heiter, the CTO at Hitachi Data Systems Federal Corporation, who will discuss a topic that has been under-reported.

With all the news about generating big data, many have forgotten about mandates that many agencies have to store data for specific periods of time.

The Managing Government Record Directive covers a wide range of requirements for storing data. This ranges from five to over one hundred years.

If you are charged with the responsibility for this task, then you really must review all the options that are possible. First, to accomplish the goal of the agency. Second, to make sure you are accomplishing the task in a cost effective manner.

During the interview, Heiter discusses some concepts that many have never considered.

For instance, one needs to be informed as to the proper ISO standards for standardized optical formats. This assures that the data will be readable in the future.

Current archiving methods are mostly magnetic tape. Some estimate this technology needs a refresh every six years.

Moving storage to the cloud is filled with problems as well.

Flash media can be expensive and not last over ten years. The interview details information about new optical disk technology that listeners may wish to consider for archival purposes.


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