Defining “DevOps”

Jeff Gallimore, partner at Excella Consulting joins host John Gilroy to talk about "DevOps", and how they can save your agency money on complex software develop...

February 3, 2015 — Today’s interview is with Jeff Gallimore, partner at Excella Consulting.

Federal information technology professionals are bombarded with confusing terms – everything from IaaS to IoT. One term that is bandied about is the mysterious-sounding “DevOps.”

On today’s program, Gallimore will define the term, give its origins, and (most importantly) provide some examples where DevOps has saved money on complex software development projects.

One can get a degree in systems engineering or computer science, but you really can’t get a degree in DevOps.

It is a portmanteau of the term development and the word operations. Essentially, it applies the principles of agile software development to the world of software development and IT professionals.

Think of DevOps this way – a team of enterprise architects, software developers, and testers must contact a person who runs the actual server to test out the system.

The people who control the servers usually had the title of systems operations somewhere in their title. Rather than viewing these as competing groups, DevOps posits that they can work together to generate solutions.

Traditionally, a software developer would not enter the realm of the sever closet.

Today’s cloud environment is giving flexibility to allow application developers as well as systems operators to set up environments to develop systems.

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