Ending the confusion about open source and containers

April 21, 2015 — This week’s guest is Joe Dickman, senior vice president of Vizuri.

Today, we tackle the confusing topic of open source and containers.

The interview began with setting the stage.

Server virtualization has reached a maturation point. Eight years ago server virtualization was miraculous; today it is pedestrian.


Software developers have combined with operations people to come up with a new way to use virtualization. The concept is called a “container.”

Dickman makes the argument that standard server virtualization should be streamlined. This reduction needs only to virtualize the processor and the kernel.

Today, one of the most popular tools for using containers is called “Docker.” It has been downloaded over 300 million times. Docker has recently been making news as reaching a value of over one billion dollar.

Vizuri provides expertise to federal information technology professionals in using containers to accomplish many basic tasks.

One of the most obvious is making the transition to the cloud. An end user can design a container with all the dependencies of the proposed environment and test it out for security and speed.

The value of containers is well known, the challenge for the federal community is learn to use this technology correctly.

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