Gaining control of your network

headshot of Ralph Havens
Ralph Havens, president, Infoblox Federal

Today’s guest is Ralph Havens, President, Infoblox Federal.  Readers may assume that their network is working properly and never take into consideration the background processes. One background process that is getting more and more attention is called the Domain Name Server (DNS).  Bad actors like to take advantage on overlooked processes and, recently, the DNS has increasingly become a vector for hackers.

The interview talks about a recent DNS study in SC Magazine that found 46% of respondents experienced DNS exfiltration and 45% experiences DNS tunneling.

During the interview, Havens expands upon the logic of how to protect from exfiltration and infiltration to your network.  If you think you can manage your DNS through a spreadsheet, you may have to take another look.  Everyone is waltzing into your agency with new devices, IPV 6 is producing some hard to handle addresses. This means that you should consider automating the way you handle your DNS.

Ralph gives many ways to learn more about DNS intrusion – white papers as well as blogs.


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