Innovating the world of big data

headshot of Dr. Kurt Heisler
Dr. Kurt Heisler speaking with host John Gilroy on Federal Tech Talk

Today’s guest is Dr. Kurt Heisler, senior policy advisor for Technology and Innovation, Administration on Children, Youth, and Families, HHS.

Many agencies don’t know what goodness looks like.  That’s why we have Dr. Kurt Heisler in the studio because he has the unique ability to look at large data sets and give interpretation that has value.  During the discussion he highlights several concepts in order to increase innovation:  using the most meaningful data, telling a story, encouraging collaboration, making the data accessible, and empowering everyone.

He works closely with the folks at the HHS Idea Lab and other organizations.  He likes to apply concepts of agile software development to managing data.  He gives an overview of several projects and challenges using the agile methodology.

Dr. Heisler is tremendously optimistic about the ability of federal information technology professionals to combine data scientists, data visualization specialists, with others to innovate the world of big data.



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