Managing data: More of an art than a science

Don Anderson, assistant director for Analysis for the U.S. Air Force, joins host John Gilroy and explains how data management and data visualization can save yo...

headshot of Don Anderson
Don Anderson, assistant director, Analysis, United States Air Force

Today’s interview is with Don Anderson, assistant director for Analysis,  Unites States Air Force.  Anderson’s team of 27 takes a look at mountains of data and tries to make business decisions based on facts, not assumptions.

Back in September he gave a presentation titled, “Driving Fuel Efficiency on Air Force Aircraft.”  Normally this kind of a presentation would put people to sleep.  Not true with Don Anderson.

During the interview,  he reprises his superb command of fuel consumption patterns.  He used a data visualization product called Tableau Software to help understand complex fuel consumption patterns.  He work shows gaps in Air Force strategy, saves money, aids in planning, and (unbelievably) saves lives!

His ability has not gone unrecognized.  He has been named the Civilian Analyst of the year in 2014 as well as receiving the Air Force Chief of Staff Excellence Award.

Anderson’s insights can be applied to other military groups, civilian agencies, and commercial organizations as well.  Listen to the interview to learn best practices to make data driven decisions.

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