Mastering the big three: agile, mobile & data analytics

Today’s guest is Brian Callahan, president at Segue Technologies.  His company has been in business since 1997 and has carved out a solid reputation for developing a deep understanding of the needs of their federal clients.

Headshot of Brian Callahan
Brian Callahan, president, Segue Technologies

During the interview, Callahan introduced the thinking of the team at Segue Technologies in the areas of agile software development, data analytics, and mobile applications.  A typical engagement is where an existing consultancy is challenged in bringing project to completion.  Because of the enhanced knowledge of applying agile development concepts, Segue has a history of stepping in, developing a flexible solution, and finishing the project.

In a typical software development organization, testing is a thankless task that is normally handed off to the rookies or, perhaps, even the interns.  When Segue applies testing to an agile methodology, testing is incorporated into every phase of the project.  That way, if there is an unusual dependency, the agile team can remedy the code and move on to completion.

Everyone is tossing out an app these days.  Callahan highlights the fact that you can’t just stay up all night and produce an app.  One must understand the “unintended consequences” of sloppy code.  Further, a development team has to realize that operating systems for mobile operating systems can change.

If you are interested in any of these topics, Segue Technologies has a great blog that answers a wide range of questions that federal project managers may have.

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