Making the transition to Windows 10

This week on Federal Tech Talk, Steve Bilbo, Army enterprise architect at Iron Bow Technologies joins host John Gilroy to discuss what federal agencies should c...

Today’s interview is with Steve Bilbo, Army enterprise architect, Iron Bow Technologies.  He has spent decades helping large organizations change technologies.  His background is in system integration, engineering, and interoperability, all in a military operational environment.  Today’s discussion is on the change to Windows 10 for the federal government.

Head shot of Steve Bilbo
Steve Bilbo, Iron Bow Technologies

Leading the charge to this transition is Terry Halverson, the CTO at the DoD.  His ambitious plan is to have four million computers at the DoD make the change by January of 2017.  This transition must be accomplished while keeping existing systems running.  Some have said this is like changing the wheels on a car while driving.

Many are surprised to discover that there are an estimated 350 million active Windows 10 devices.  It has gotten rave reviews for being able to improve cybersecurity.

If you are reading this you should be aware that Microsoft will withdraw support for Windows 7 in 2020.  This means that you should listen to Bilbo’s ideas on making the transition, handling updates, and cultural changes as well as training that must take place for a smooth transition.




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