BDNA: Improving cybersecurity at your agency

Clark Campbell, vice president, Public Sector for BDNA, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss the benefits of Continuous Diagnostic...

Head shot of Clark Campbell
Clark Campbell, vice president, Public Sector, BDNA

Today’s guest is Clark Campbell, vice president Public Sector for BDNA.

Everyone is worried about the next cyber attack – one approach to preventing a disaster is something called Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring (CDM).  This is concept that the GSA and DHS are teaming together to help assist federal information professionals. One aspect is to find out what is in their network in an effort to reduce the attack vector. This initiative got funded three years ago and is implemented in phases.

Clark Campbell details how his company, BDNA, can help.  The idea behind the company is to take a look at an enterprise organization and detail its assets.  In other words, its Business DNA, or BDNA. This concept can be applied to the federal government by helping identify what products and devices are on your network.

Clark brings out some fascinating stories – he has done “audits” of federal agencies and found instances of Lotus Notes, Netscape Navigator, and a 2003 version of McAfee firewall.  Not only do there possibly reflect a waste of money, but these “end of life” systems can provide vulnerabilities for cyberattack.

Listen to the interview if you are interested in CDM and how BDNA works with vendors like ServiceNow to reduce cost and improve the cybersecurity of your agency.

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