Everything you want to know about apps

Today’s topic is so large we needed three people to cover it.  In the studio today are Lou Giglio, Dan Beaman, and Mark Flournoy.  All three are managers of Federal Systems Integration for F5 Networks.

head shot of Flournoy, Beaman, and Giglio
Mark Flournoy, Dan Beaman and Lou Giglio

Instead of worrying about the hard drive or the firewall or even the cloud, the discussion has a focus on the app itself.  How to inspect encrypted traffic, how to increase speed, how to move security tools from appliances to the virtual world.

During the discussion, the group handled topics as far ranging as SSL break and inspect, Application Connectors, FIPS compliance, virtual FIPS, and the general topic of federal cloud compliance.

One interesting aspect of the discussion was the portability of their systems.  IN other words, if you have launched an application with a major cloud vendor and want to switch to another, you can use the old beat up concept of arbitrage to pull back and use another vendor.

During the discussion, Lou Giglio mentioned a free Federal Symposium where listeners can attend and ask specific questions.   The lead speaker will be Matthew Braverman to talk about the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit.


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