Opening up the world of cryptography

Virgil Security CEO Michael Wellman and CTO Dimitri Dain join host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss how cryptography helps software deve...

Today’s interview is with the founders of Virgil Security:  Michael Wellman CEO and Dimitri Dain CTO.  The subject is cryptography.

Head shot of Dain and Wellman
Dimitri Dain & Michael Wellman, Virgil Security

Many will say that the idea of creating a firewall and solid defense is not up to date. They will argue that today the threat is already inside the firewall, or what many call the insider threat.  In the commercial world, many financial institutions have reduced fraud through encrypting all data.  Today’s tools do not provide the latency and delay that many think when considering encryption.

Virgil Security has products that work with software developers to give them the ability to build secure products by using cryptography.   In fact, with today’s proliferation of sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, encryption is more important than ever.

During the discussion the topic of trust came up frequently.  Virgil Security can help developers provide trusted solutions to mathematically ascertain that you are dealing with the authentic data, device, and identity.

Listen to the interview to get a new perspective on cryptography, encryption, and the entire Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

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