A systematic approach to risk mitigation

Today’s guest is Grant Elliott, founder and CEO of Ostendio.  Many organizations are in the position where they have to prove compliance with a wide range of security standards.  This is especially true in the healthcare area. Grant Elliott discussed how a framework that his company provides can assist in this endeavor.

head shot of Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott, founder & CEO, Ostendio

Ostendio has a cloud-based security platform called MyVCM.  One aspect of his system is the fact that you are allowed to compare your compliance with your peers. Essentially, it is a work flow management system that takes into account several different cybersecurity guidelines.

During the interview, Elliot talks about the prevalence of breaches.  In fact, some say that 2017 will have an average of “one health data breach per day.”  When one combines ransomware with healthcare records you get, literally, a life or death situation.

Grant talks about many aspects of risk mitigation with a systematic approach.  This approach is more effective that manually managing all the complexities inherent in the fast-changing world of cybersecurity.


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