Gamification: A new approach to cyber training

Sam Caucci, CEO at 1Huddle, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk and explains how a training process called gamification can help federal IT ...

Today’s interview is with Sam Caucci, CEO at 1Huddle. He has a company with a new way to train people. Instead of death by PowerPoint, he suggests that training can be done with gamification.

The world of cybersecurity has so many changes and perturbations that it is hard to train people how to protect themselves, let alone protect the network. Traditional training would take place quarterly face to face in a conference room with a person putting people to sleep with a powerpoint presentation.

Head shot of Sam Caucci
Sam Caucci, CEO, 1Huddle

Not only is this not effective, but cyber threats are changing so fact that this approach is laughable.  Sam Caucci put together a company that takes a different approach—he uses a concept called gamification.

He develops training approaches that involve games and phones.  Instead of wading through 500 pages of information, this approach has proven to be practical especially among those under 35 years of age.

Attacks come in all way – perhaps a new approach to helping people learn how to avoid spear phishing attacks would help in network security.  A recent publication talks about malicious actors including members of the family of people in the Air Force.

New ways of training must be developed that are effective and will help combat sophisticated attack methods we see everywhere today.


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