Blockchain: Public-private partnerships & innovation

How can blockchain technology help federal IT professionals accomplish their agencies goals? Find out when Paul Brigner, managing director of Georgetown Univer...

We have a full house today:  our guests are Paul Brigner, managing director of the Security and Software Engineering Research Center at Georgetown University (S2ERC), and two vice presidents from Macro Solutions: Todd Hager and Damanjit Padam.

Most listeners have heard of the term “blockchain.”  Just about everyone can give the rote answer that a blockchain is a distributed ledger.  The question for a federal information technology professional is what can blockchain technology do for my agency’s goals?

head shots of Brigner, Hager, and Padam
Paul Brigner, Todd Hager, and Damanjit Padam

The theme of the interview is to take advantage of events to learn more about blockchain. After getting a basic knowledge, then try some baby steps to see how it may apply. Right now, blockchain is in its nascent stages and people are trying to see where the best applications are.

Brigner’s S2ERC is a great example of a public-private partnership that seeks to merge interest of the federal government and commercial innovation.  During the discussion, he talks about ways to contact his Georgetown Research Center to partner with them on test projects and learn about upcoming events.

Macro Solutions has worked with a wide range of federal agencies for many years. They are positioned in leadership positions in nonprofits like ACT IAC to listen to federal concerns about blockchain and come up with workable solutions.  Hager suggests several free white papers from ACT IAC than can put the concept of “blockchain” into working boots for listeners.

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