Georgetown University

  • Innovative solutions to healthcare issues

    On this EXTRA episode, Judith Feder, Georgetown professor and healthcare reform expert during the Clinton administration; and Karen Pollitz, senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation and former cabinet member in both the Clinton and Obama administrations; discuss the myriad ideas surrounding healthcare reform in the US and what effect it might have on the DC region.

  • DoD authorizes up to $1 billion for wall at U.S. southern border

    In today’s Federal Newscast, up to $1 billion from DoD is now available to help support the Homeland Security Department’s drug enforcement efforts at the southern border.

  • Fostering a greater ownership role for blacks in D.C.’s restaurant scene

    Getting at the roots of why African-Americans are underrepresented in the ranks of D.C.’s restaurant owners. And learning about the benefits of setting aside suburban land for agricultural use.

  • Blockchain: Public-private partnerships & innovation

    How can blockchain technology help federal IT professionals accomplish their agencies goals? Find out when Paul Brigner, managing director of Georgetown University’s Security and Software Engineering Research Center, and Macro Solution Vice Presidents Todd Hager and Damanjit Padam join host John Gilroy on Federal Tech Talk. January 23, 2018

  • Fine tuning the federal government, one statistic at a time

    Panel recommends creating federal entity to collate statistics and provide more privacy protection for stakeholders.

  • Robert Groves: Push for a new federal statistical agency

    A group assembled by the National Academies has recommended the creation of a new federal statistical entity.

  • Robert Groves: Is it too late to save 2020 census?

    With 2018 approaching, there’s little time left to get the 2020 decennial count back on track. But the Census Bureau has neither a director nor a deputy.

  • How Twitter became an outlet of resistance, information for federal employees

    More than 80 Twitter accounts claiming to represent various federal organizations and employees, many of them national parks, exist in opposition to the Trump administration and its policies.

  • Chris Taylor: Class reveals mysteries behind DoD acquisitions

    Tech savvy college students may have the answers for solving the Pentagon’s biggest problems, but they don’t how the Defense acquisition regulations work. That can be a problem itself. Chris Taylor is former Defense contractor CEO and adjunct professor of national security studies at Georgetown University, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin about his Hacking for Defense class.

  • Defense spending: Your taxes, your security, your job

    Guest columnist Ken Gold examines how President-elect Donald Trump will build up the armed forces, reduce the deficit and cut taxes, as he promised.