Data security & the digital revolution

Everybody talks about moving to the cloud but nobody talks about the data centers that house the clouds. Today’s interview is with Stuart Dyer, Business Development Manager for CyrusOne Data Centers.

Head shot of Stuart Dyer
Stuart Dyer, Business Development Manager, CyrusOne Data Centers

Some estimate that Northern Virginia has over 140 data centers. The popular figure is that 70% of the Internet traffic passes through servers in this Washington DC suburb. What does that mean to our listeners?

Today’s takeaway is that a company like CyrusOne provides the physical security for a data center; the organizations who lease space in a data center are responsible for the logical security. And the physical security is impressive. You can get up to seven layers of security prior to reaching your agency’s server.


During the interview, Dyer talks about being a carrier-neutral data center. This means that a wide range of organizations can use the same physical facility without any concern about the crossover. Stuart also differentiates between managed services and different kinds of cloud deployment.

If you are uncertain about a move to the cloud, you can be reassured that organizations like CyrusOne can give you the highest level of reliability conceivable.