Data security in 2018

What can federal IT professionals do to protect their agencies from data breaches? Find out when Nick Jovanovic, VP Federal at Thales eSecurity Federal, joins h...

Nick Jovanovic, VP Federal at Thales eSecurity Federal is our guest today. He is in the studio to discuss the findings from a recent study based on responses from federal information technology professionals.

Head shot of Nick Jovanovic
Nick Jovanovic, VP Federal, Thales eSecurity Federal

The study is called the 2018 Thales Data Threat Report Federal Government Edition. The responses show that 70% of federal agencies have been breached. As far as timeliness, 57% have been breached in the past year.

During the interview Jovanovic conveys the idea that many federal agencies are focused on end point security, which is focusing on the wrong area. He suggests that protecting data that is on your system should be the focus. It would be naïve to suggest that malicious actors haven’t breached your defenses.

When Edward Snowden used his credentials as a system administrator to access thousands of pages of sensitive information, companies like Thales eSecurity Federal sought out solutions that gave “granular” access to the document. In other words, a system administrator should be able to maintain the system without seeing what is in the files he is backing up or transferring.

Jovanovic talks about options that are available today that allow more precise control over public cloud resources and assisting with a multi-cloud approach.

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