ATI: A ‘gathering point’ for innovation & collaboration

Bob Tuohy, chief operating officer at Advanced Technology International, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss how non-profits can ...

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Today’s interview is with Bob Tuohy, chief operating officer at Advanced Technology International, commonly known as ATI. Industry and the federal government share similar challenges. Both are large enterprises and are trying to adapt to the rapid change in the world of technology.

Head shot of Bob Tuohy
Bob Tuohy, COO, Advanced Technology International

One solution that is advocated by organizations like ATI is to serve as an intellectual “gathering point” for companies with creative solutions. This is pursuing the elusive public/private partnership. During the discussion, Tuohy uses the term “consortia” to describe this approach.

If you look up “ATI,” you will find it is a non-profit based in South Carolina. They have events where member companies can meet and look at how they can use their capabilities to solve thorny federal issues. The areas of interest range from shipbuilding to healthcare to new uses of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The interview also talks about Other Transaction Agreements, sometimes abbreviated to OTAs. This initiative seeks non-traditional Defense contractors to look at problems with a new set of eyes. OTAs may be the way the federal government can take advantage of innovation outside of traditional areas.

Tuohy talks about the agencies who can participate in OTAs as well as some of the limitations. Listen to the interview to gain insight on how your agency can take advantage of this concept.

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